Coca-Cola Creates Innovative ‘Plastic’ Bottle Made Entirely From Plants


Coke plant bottle -Coca-Cola release

The iconic red-labeled beverage giant is turning greener.

Coca-Cola officially unveiled its first plastic bottle made from 100% plant materials last month.

Instead of being manufactured with petroleum products, the eco-friendly bottle is made from sugarcane and the natural leftovers from its processing.

Trademarked as the PlantBottle, the fully recyclable PET plastic bottles are a vast improvement over the 30% plant-based Coke bottles introduced in 2009.

“Our vision was to maximize game-changing technology, using responsibly sourced plant-based materials to create the globe’s first fully recyclable PET plastic bottle made entirely from renewable materials,” said Coca-Cola Global Research and Development Officer Nancy Quan.

Since 2009, Coca-Cola has distributed more than 35 billion bottles using the current 30% PlantBottle packaging, and has reduced its carbon dioxide emissions by an estimated 315,000 metric tons each year. The soda company isn’t saying when it will start actually bottling with the green container, but it said it is partnering with biotechnology firms “to move from lab to commercial scale.”


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