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Color A Smile is a nonprofit organization that collects cheerful drawings from volunteers of all ages. Every month we distribute thousands of these colorful drawings to Senior Citizens, Our Troops Overseas, and anyone in need of a smile.


VOLUNTEER to color drawing and spread smiles

School children – Scouting troops – Religious groups – Individuals

Anyone of any age, that likes to color, can volunteer to help us spread smiles.

SIGN UP to be a RECIPIENT of our drawings.

Seniors living independently – Nursing homes – Military troops overseas

Anyone in need of a smile can receive our drawings.

DONATE to help us spread more smiles.

(Color A Smile does not chanrge anyone to receive our drawings.)

All donations, of any size, are truly appreciated and used wisely.

Color A Smile provides volunteer opporunities

For people of all ages and abilities,

To experience the rewards of helping others.



Color A Smile was started by Jerry Harris in the early 1980’s.  While at a friend’s house, Jerry noticed the colorful artwork on their refrigerator door.   Jerry knew that in a few years his refrigerator would have plenty of cheerful drawings from his then infant son.  The idea of collecting crayon drawings from kids and sending the drawings to senior citizens appealed to Jerry and his wife Susanne.  They thought this would be a simple way to bring joy to the lives of elderly people that often feel forgotten.  Color A Smile started by distributing a few drawings to some local nursing homes.  Our program has grown tremendously and today we mail thousands of drawings every month to people all across the country.  We also distribute cheerful artwork to our military troops overseas.  We receive thousands of thank you letters, from the recipients, confirming that our program does spread smiles and reminds people that someone is thinking of them.  Color A Smile has distributed well over a million drawings since we started.  Even though the program was started mainly to benefit the seniors that receive the drawings, the response from the children that do the coloring has been overwhelming.  Parents, teachers and scout leaders all praise the program for allowing children of all ages and abilities, to realize they are capable of helping someone else.


Color A Smile provides volunteer opportunities,

for people of all ages and abilities,

to experience the rewards of helping others.




MAIL:   PO Box 1516     Morristown NJ   07962-1516

FED EX or UPS:   166 Ridgedale Ave     Morristown NJ  07960

PHONE:  973-540-9222




Color A Smile is a 501 (C) (3) Non-profit organization 


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