Dads idea

I just finished reading a book-The 13th Gift by Joanne Huist Smith.
It is a story about the first Christmas after her husband died for her and her 3 children. And how surprise gifts began to arrive.

The last charter says and I quote:
” one of the greatest gifts we all possess is the ability to give. Wealth isn’t a prerequisite; compassion and a kind heart are all you need. What better way to honor our loved ones, past and present, than to reach out and change a life for the better.”

Well that is just what my dad thought, he wanted to start a newspaper that told only good news. So after he passed I had the idea to start this Facebook page and with the help of my son Chris Walker, a web site that tells people they have done a GOOD JOB, please check it out.

Thank you dad for the idea, you are missed but never forgotten.

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