Hoover The Tiger Is Finally Free

Hoover The Tiger Is Finally Free After Living In Captivity For Years

Going to the circus sounds like a fun affair for the whole family. There’s popcorn, entertaining performances, and, best of all, animals!

However, many animals in circuses are not well cared for. They are held against their will, forced to do tricks, and kept from their natural environment. Some are even kept in tiny areas that stunt their growth. We’ve sadly seen it too many times, an animal abused and locked away in a cage. But not every animal is stuck living their days like this! Many nonprofit animal organizations are freeing these “performers,” like these lion brothers that were set free!

Hoover the tiger had spent many years with a circus in Peru. Even though there are laws in Peru permitting wild animals in the circus, he remained caged and was hit with whips. The wonderful people with Animal Defenders International would not stand for this. They chased the zoo for months, and after an anonymous tip, they raided the zoo and rescued Hoover!

The big cat was once one of 12 tigers, but he is now the last of his group. He will no longer be held against his will and can roam free. He was transported to Big Cat Rescue in Florida, where he can now live a normal life.

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