Man Dives Into Flash Flood, Fills His Boat Up With Animals


These animals would have been in serious trouble without some help.

Over 23 inches of rain have caused historic flash flooding for several southern states, including Louisiana, Texas, Arkansas and Mississippi.

The most recent onslaught of bad weather displaced both people and animals.


“My brother and I kept noticing several animals making their way out of the flooded woods into a pasture in front of our house,” Frankie Williams, a 26-year-old plumber who also works for a landscaping company, told The Dodo.

“We had a small boat available to go check out the flooded woods. On the way to the woods driving across the flooded fields we saved several field mice, ground shrews and rabbits,” he said.


Williams said that while raccoons were able to find safety by climbing higher into trees, opossums and armadillos were stranded on bits of land with no other choice but to cling onto whatever they could find to prevent themselves from getting swept away by the rising waters.


So Williams and his brother traveled around, placing every struggling animal they came across into the boat. Once the water levels began to lower, the animals were released.

“I grew up with a great passion for the outdoors,” Williams explained. “[I] hate to see any animal suffer.”

Watch a clip of the tough rescue mission below.

For more on how to keep your family and pets safe during a flood, check out these incredibly useful tips.

You can also reach out to your local animal shelters and animal control units for advice or to report an animal in trouble when severe weather hits.

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