Teen Walks Old Man Home With Groceries


His mother said he’d do the same thing even if no one were watching, but someone was –– and now the whole world is looking.

Last week, 18-year-old Christian Trouesdale left the Aldi food store where he worked so he could walk home an elderly man named Bob. Christian toted his groceries and held Bob’s hand, while Samantha-Jayne Brady snapped a photo.

Brady posted it on Facebook and wrote that while Bob wasn’t very agile or fast, Christian was patient and kind.

“It was a lovely thing to witness and they seemed to be having a good chit-chat along their way,” she said. “I desperately want this lad to get some kind of recognition from his workplace so if this gave you a little more faith in mankind.”

The social media universe went crazy for the photo. Fans sent messages of support and called for other youth to follow the good-neighbor example. The quarter-million Likes on her Facebook page also spurred Samantha to set up a non-profit elderly grocery service, something she’s always wanted to do.

Christian’s father, Darren, posted a follow-up photo on Facebook as well, and wrote that Christian has since called Bob to make sure he’s ok and to share the news about their viral photo.

“Bob was delighted with his new found fame at his old age. He was saying we should be proud to have a caring son like him. It really made our day and are proud to have him now as a friend,” he wrote.

On Sunday, Christian and his manager showed up at Brady’s home with flowers and wine, thanking her for her help in spreading the love.

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