This is why I love dolphins

WATCH: Dolphin Asks Diver for Help Removing a Fishing Hook

While diving with manta rays in Garden Eel Cove off the coast of Kailua-Kona, Hawaii, co-founder and vice president of Manta Pacific Research Foundation Keller Laros encountered a troubled bottlenose dolphin — somehow the poor cetacean got its left pectoral fin snagged by a fishing hook.

Thankfully, Laros and his crew were there to give a helping hand to the struggling dolphin.

Watch the video to see Laros work his magic!







A new way to catch fish, invented by dolphins.
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Dolphin Conservation

This is Why I Love Dolphins — They’ll Help Anyone in Trouble!

This poor young seal lost its way — and even lost the will to find it. After expelling all its energy getting a mere 100 meters from where it first embarked, it seemed that this pup had given up.

But thankfully, a nearby pod of dolphins spotted the seal pup’s dilemma, and were ready and willing to help. Just some more evidence that dolphins are possibly the most intelligent and helpful animals on the planet.

Watch the video to see the beautiful footage!

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