Ester the pig

Esther the Pig in window FBPhoto

Derek Walters and Steve Jenkins adopted a piglet whose owner wanted to give her up, under the mistaken belief that there was such a thing as a “minipig.”

When Esther grew into the hundreds of pounds, they realized that she needed to get out of their small home in the quiet Georgetown neighborhood of Ontario. And so was born the idea of a farm sanctuary.

Esther the Pig with owner-FBphoto-326pxEsther had also grown into an Internet sensation with thousands of fans enjoying photos showing their pet growing up. With the support of 8,000 Internet crowdfunding fans, they were able to realize their dream to buy a farm.

The new sanctuary to be called “Happily Ever Esther” will open this summer in the nearby countryside of rural Campbellville.

Calling themselves “accidental activists,” Jenkins, who’s a realtor says Happily Ever Esther will have its grand opening July 1, which happens to be Esther’s birthday. Afterward, Walters, who will run the sanctuary will offer individualized, pre-booked tours, along with school tours and educational visits for groups at the farm and community garden.


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