Nonprofit Grocery Store

The former president of Trader Joe’s has opened the nation’s first not-for-profit grocery store in Dorchester, Massachusetts to give people a low-cost option for healthy groceries–and ready-made meals.

wow-blackberries-99c-DailyTable-FB-crpdInstead of going to McDonald’s for lunch or dinner, low-income folks or locals who are too busy to cook can now come to the Daily Table and find quick healthy meal options freshly prepared on-site. Entrees like chicken penne are priced starting at $1.49, while side dishes like soup or salad range from 50¢ to $1.

Daily Table keeps prices low, according to SuperMarket News, by sourcing its food through overstocks, donations from supermarkets or manufacturers, and by acquiring blemished produce.

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But a quick look at their grapefruit (2 for $1), carrots ($.29 lb) and cucumbers (3 for $1) reveals no more imperfections than you’d find at an average farmer’s market.

The store at 450 Washington Street, which opened Thursday, is selling frozen vegetables, frozen pizzas, bread, canned goods, cereal, rice, salad greens, bananas and other produce. The store will not sell soda, snacks or candy.



Doug Rauch, the former president of Trader’Joes, says he wants to feature prices that will “make you smile”, and hopes to locate more stores in the working class neighborhoods of Boston, but also others in Los Angeles, New York, Detroit, San Francisco and Baton Rouge.


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