Take small steps


My challenge for you today… open your heart, open your eyes, and open your hands to reach out to someone in need.

Have you ever seen someone in need and not done something to help, only to have regrets afterward? We can’t all help everyone, but we can all help someone. And just think of the collective change we could make if we all helped just one person.

Just like Begin with Yes is about taking small steps that lead to bigger change, if we all take a small step toward helping someone in need, many lives can be changed.

Think for just a moment about someone in your life who could use a little bit of help. Or just truly open your eyes to the world around you as you go through your day. When you find that person who was put in your path, also find the courage to act on it – that’s when things really happen. You’ll learn just how capable you are of making a difference, and it will make a difference in your life too.

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